Tired Of Back Pain? Strengthen Your Back And Lose Weight With These Moves

Just about everyone knows that exercise is good for them. It helps to strengthen your muscles and burn calories. Your muscles need to move. They need to be used every day. Oftentimes, people end up putting off exercise due to one pain or another. A common one is back pain. However, you cannot allow your back pain to stand in the way of a healthier and stronger you. By strengthening your back, you can get rid of the pain and begin the path to a new and improved you. Here are a few exercises you need to try today to start strengthening your back.

Swan Dive

Lie down on the floor on your stomach. Stretch your arms out and over your head. Lift your legs and arms up. Hold for one second. Then, circle your arms to your sides and back behind you like you are reaching for your toes. Palms should be down. Hold this pose for another second. Bring your arms back to where you started and relax everything back to the ground. Aim for about six to eight repetitions of this exercise.

Reverse Fly

For this exercise, you just need a pair of light five-pound dumbbells. Stand up with your feet equal to your shoulder-width. Bend your knees slightly. Keep your back straight. With a dumbbell in either hand, bend forward at your waist. Bend the elbows slightly and raise the weights outward as far as possible. Squeeze your shoulder blades as close together as you can. Lower the weights and repeat the movement again. Aim for two sets of about 16 repetitions per day.

Bent Over Row

Grab your dumbbells again for this exercise. Same stance. Feet should be parallel to your hips. Bend your knees slightly. Bend forward from your hips this time, not the waist. Your back should remain straight still. Put the dumbbells out over your knees. Pull dumbbells upward and toward your chest. Your elbows and upper arms should stay right next to your rib cage. Your focus should be on trying to squeeze your shoulders together. Slowly lower your dumbbells back down. Aim for about 10-12 reps per set and two sets every day.

By doing these exercises every day, you can start to tone and strengthen your core. It won't be long before your back pain is gone and you are out doing all of the things you love. Speak to a licensed physician today about how to get started with a more intense exercise program to help transform your health and well-being.