Side Effects Don't Have To Be Scary: Minimizing Your Risk When Taking Bodybuilding Supplements

If you want to look more ripped and defined than anyone else on stage, then it's basically essential for you to supplement your bodybuilding routine with steroid supplements. But the prospect of taking steroids may seem intimidating if you've heard a lot about the possible side effects. Anabolic steroids are often demonized for their ability to cause acne, oily skin, mood swings, and a lack of sex drive. While there's always a chance of side effects, it's best not to let these possibilities deter you if you really want to rise to the top of this sport. There are some steps you can take to use steroid supplements more safely and minimize your risk of such side effects.

Purchase from a reputable retailer.

Sometimes, the side effects attributed to steroids may not be caused by the steroids themselves, but rather by additives in the supplement. Cheap supplements from fly-by-night companies or "the guy on the corner" might contain ingredients that your body reacts to negatively. Purchase from a well-respected, reputable brand with a long track record, and you'll likely get a "cleaner" product with fewer additives -- or additives that are less likely to cause side effects.

Also, don't be afraid to switch brands if you develop side effects from a specific supplement. Everyone's body reacts differently, and you may tolerate one supplement better even though your buddies have had more success with a different one.

Talk with an experienced trainer about dosage.

Finding the dose that helps you put on muscle without causing a lot of side effects takes some trial and error. However, you can minimize the "error" by working with a trainer who has experience designing supplement plans for bodybuilders. Your trainer should analyze your body composition, lifestyle, and lifting routines to recommend a dose that's right for you. Then, he or she will observe how you react to that initial dose and adjust it accordingly.

You don't want to just ask your friends how much they're using and use the same amount, and you don't want to just take a guess and hope you arrive at the right dose, either. Improper dosing is one of the main reasons why so many steroid users suffer side effects.

Maintain healthy sleeping habits.

When training hard for an upcoming competition, it's not uncommon for bodybuilders to get less sleep than they need. A lack of sleep can lead do depression, moodiness, and decreased cognitive ability -- effects that often get unfairly blamed on steroid supplements. So, make sure you're getting plenty of sleep when you're training hard and taking supplements. Set a bedtime for yourself, and then stick to it. Give up extra activities like watching television or going out with friends so that you can get more sleep. You'll likely suffer fewer so-called "side effects" as a result.

Read all of your supplement labels carefully.

If you're taking nutrition supplements in addition to your steroid supplements, make sure you check the label carefully. Sometimes nutrition supplements sold specifically for bodybuilders contain either steroids or ingredients that are meant to mimic steroids. If you're taking one of these supplements along with your standard steroids, you may be taking a larger effective dose than intended. If one of your supplements contains steroids or may have a steroid-like effect, eliminate it from your routine to avoid overdosing and increasing your risk of side effects. It's best to run all nutrition supplements past your trainer before adding them to your routine.

To rise to the top of your sport, you'll almost certainly need to add steroid supplements to your routine. As long as you're careful about buying the right brand, adjusting your dose, avoiding other supplements with steroid action, and getting enough sleep, your troubles with side effects should be minimized.