Fittness Options For Elderly Individuals With Knee Problems

If you or someone you know is an elderly person with knee problems, then you appreciate how difficult it can be to find fitness classes that is acceptable. Many exercises are inherently high impact, and are not geared towards persons who have difficulty with joint pain, particularly knee pain. However, there are plenty of options for people who need to participate in an exercise that is low impact. This is great because it will allow you or your friend to stay active, which is important because failing to exercise is simply not a wise choice. Not exercising will lead to muscle atrophy and poor cardiovascular health. So, with that said, here are three activities to choose.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is an amazing exercise choice for individuals who need to abstain from any sort of high impact activity. There are many gyms where you can take a fitness class that takes place in a pool. The instructor will guide the class through a series of water based movements. The water eliminates the impact, but it also provides the resistance necessary for muscle stimulation. Some of the examples of exercises that you will find in these classes include jogging thorough the pool, of even using submersible weights. Even the simple task of walking through the water provides ample resistance and does not stress the knees.

Yoga Class

Yoga is a fantastic choice for people with bad knees. It is no impact, which is perfect, and it can also help to strengthen the muscles and tendons around the knee, which can end up helping with the knee pain. You can find a yoga based fitness class at many gyms. If you've never been to a yoga class before, then it is wise to start with an introductory class. There are even classes designed for older people and those who have joint issues. You should avoid the advanced classes which, even though they are low impact, would be to stressful for a beginner, especially one who has knee problems.

Rowing Class

If you are not a big fan of yoga, and don't feel comfortable getting into the pool, then you can find a fitness class that is designed around rowing machines. These are better for your knees than the more popular cycling class. The rowing machines are great for cardio, and they also provide a great muscle building workout for your upper body. Some of the more fun fitness classes based on rowing devices use large screens to mimic the atmosphere of rowing in a lake or down a whitewater river.

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