3 Reasons Why Yoga Is A Great Form Of Exercise

If you are looking for a new form of exercise to try, you should definitely consider yoga. Yoga is much different than other forms of exercise, so it is perfect for working your body in new ways. Yoga is also low impact, so if your body can't handle jumping or other high impact movements, then this is a great workout for you. Here are three reasons why yoga is a great form of exercise:

Improves Flexibility

One of the biggest things that yoga can do for yourself is to improve your overall flexibility. In yoga, you will work on static, active, and dynamic flexibility. Static flexibility involves going into a stretch and holding it there, active flexibility is where you go into and out of a stretch repeatedly, and dynamic flexibility involves several fluid movements that stretch out different muscles. All of these kinds of flexibility are important and allow you to do other exercises without tight muscles. Since tight muscles can lead to poor form, it is crucial that you are flexible throughout the muscles in your body. 

Strengthens Your Core 

It is crucial that you have a strong core to perform basically any exercise because this is your center and it must always be braced. Because yoga requires a lot of balancing, you are made to work your core a lot. In order to do anything with one leg, one arm, on an unbalanced surface, etc., you activate your core. By activating your core, you reduce the risk of injury to your lower back, and you get more balance and better form. As you strengthen your core muscles in both the front and the back, you will see improvements in yoga.

Creates A Great Mind and Body Connection 

Yoga is just as much a mental form of exercise as it is physical, if not more. One thing that people often lack is an awareness and consciousness of their body. They use their body all day long, but they aren't necessarily mindful of it. During yoga, you are very connected to your body and the movements that you are making. You are mindful of your breathing, and you pay close attention to every inhale and exhale. Because you pay such close attention to your body, you have more control of it, and you can do things that you otherwise wouldn't be able to do.

Overall, yoga is an excellent form of exercise for improving all types of flexibility, strengthening your core, and creating a great connection between your mind and your body. Contact a company like Bliss Network LLC for more information and assistance.