Tips For Thriving While Studying To Be A Yoga Teacher

Yoga was first practiced in ancient India, and it's been growing in popularity in the Western world since the mid-20th century. Hatha yoga is most often practiced in the US. Teaching this physical, spiritual, and mental practice can be extremely rewarding. If you've decided to further your education to become a yoga teacher, consider these tips for your training.

Learn the History of Yoga

So many people take yoga classes without being aware of the rich history of the practice. Whether or not your training program has classes on the history of yoga, prioritize studying its history as you go through yoga teacher training. That will empower you to gently include facts about its history in the classes you teach. Knowing its history will also help you better understand why it is such a powerful practice.

Continue Taking Your Favorite Yoga Classes

Sometimes students stop taking yoga classes they were enjoying before their training. They may feel that they just don't have time for it anymore, or they may want to focus only on teaching. However, it's better to continue learning and growing in the yoga classes that made you want to teach in the first place. Those classes are sure to remind you of why you're working so hard to teach what you love.

Set Aside Time for Self-Care During Your Training

Although you are likely to find it very rewarding to be immersed in the training process, becoming a yoga teacher requires a lot of hard work. Don't treat this as a hobby where you go for fun. Training is sure to take a lot out of you, so you need to also set aside time for self-care each day.

Your dedicated self-care may include meditation, therapy, or simply time alone with a great book. Don't try to mix your self-care with work, though. For example, don't read a book about teaching yoga for your downtime. Make self-care a separate thing you do just for your own wellness.

Give Yourself Permission to Be Less Than Perfect

When trying to prepare yourself to be a teacher, you may want to feel you've mastered every aspect of yoga. However, that's impossible for people who have been teaching the practice for decades. Remember that yoga is not at all about competition or perfection. Don't let a perfectionist streak take away your power to be great. Let yourself fail and make mistakes during every class. That's part of both learning and teaching.

Finally, you are likely to discover that teaching yoga is as rewarding as practicing it. As you complete your training and start teaching yoga classes of your own, keep in mind what you love most about the practice. Passing that passion on to your students may be one of the greatest gifts you give them as a teacher. For more information, contact a company like The Yoga Collective today.