New To Weightlifting? How A Personal Trainer Can Help.

If you are wanting to try weightlifting, you might feel daunted about where to begin. People often worry they won't know what they are doing or that they will get injured. Others are concerned about how quickly they will see results. To get started, you might consider getting a personal trainer who is experienced at weightlifting instruction. Learn why a personal trainer could really help your progress as a lifting novice. 

Customized Plans

You can order weightlifting plans for free off the internet, or you can follow a plan published in a fitness book. However, neither option is customized to your current ability and fitness level. When you meet with a trainer for the first time, they will want to see what you can already do, and they will want to know your eventual goals. Do you hope to eventually compete in lifting, or are you trying to improve your core strength after having a baby? Do you hope to become a better athlete in another area?

You will also be able to address imbalances in strength with a customized plan. If your left arm is much stronger than your right, your trainer will work to even out the strength imbalance. You'll also be able to work on specific weaknesses. Some people, for example, have trouble sitting deep into a squat. With training, you can target specific areas to build your weightlifting foundation in a safe way. 


Consistency is important, especially when you're just starting. You need a solid base of work before you start more complex or challenging lifts, which some programs advocate for. When you're investing in personal training, you won't skip days or go to the gym to give a half effort because no one is watching. Your trainer will keep you accountable and push your limits. 

Form Instruction

One of the most common problems with being a beginner is not knowing if you are using proper form when you lift. People can lift weights for years and have mediocre results because they are lifting poorly and inefficiently. Your trainer will be able to correct the smallest deviation from proper form, which will help you progress more quickly, but it will also help protect you from injury. 

Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Finally, a trainer can help you leave your comfort zone in the gym. Maybe you were never comfortable trying free weights and stuck with weight machines instead. Personal training will help you try new things until you are more confident in your ability.