Are You Ready To Start A Pregnancy-Friendly Exercise Routine? 4 Benefits Of Taking A Prenatal Yoga Class

Pregnancy provides you with a new opportunity to get motivated to improve your health. While you might have already had to give up a few things, such as that glass of wine, you can also add new habits to your daily routine that make life better. Finding a safe and effective form of exercise is an important part of having a healthy pregnancy, and you'll be able to enjoy the benefits that come from choosing to take a prenatal yoga class.

Ease Common Pregnancy Complaints 

Yoga helps to ease your discomfort during each stage of your pregnancy. In the first trimester, you can learn poses that help to ease nausea and headaches that come from the surging hormones and tension in your body. As your pregnancy progresses, you'll also be able to relieve lower back pain, insomnia, and shortness of breath by opening up your body and stretching your muscles.

Tone Your Core and Pelvic Floor

During pregnancy, your core muscles are often stretched to their maximum capacity. Strong core and pelvic floor muscles are better able to support your baby so that you experience fewer painful twinges. Prenatal yoga poses are designed to safely target these muscles, which can help you enjoy a more comfortable labor and recovery. Maintaining a strong pelvic floor through gentle strengthening poses can also help you to prevent incontinence and other pregnancy-related issues. 

Feel a Sense of Connection to Your Baby

The time that you spend in your yoga class is a chance to fully focus on you and your growing baby. Yoga involves taking deep breaths and training your mind to stay within the present moment, and you can use this opportunity to turn your thoughts inward. Spending this time feeling your baby's movements in response to yours and allowing yourself to tap into your emotions helps you to begin bonding even before your little one enters the world.

Keep Up Your Practice After Delivery

Being pregnant might be what led you to look into this new type of exercise, and you're likely to love it so much that you won't want to give it up. Unlike your maternity pants, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of prenatal yoga as you recover from your delivery. At first, you'll want to follow your doctor's recommendations for waiting to do any strenuous stretching. Once you get the go-ahead, you'll be able to continue expanding on what you learned in your prenatal classes while enjoying a form of exercise that is quiet and easy enough to do while your baby naps. In fact, you may even want to try a parent-and-baby class later when your little one is big enough to join you as you do your poses.

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