What Is The Deal With Rebounders And Older People?

If you are older and are looking for a good low-impact exercise, a rebounder will likely be in your mind at least once. These mini-trampolines are compact enough to fit in an apartment and springy enough to cushion feet and legs that really don't like jogging. But if you look at rebounding sites, you'll notice that a few of them warn against older people using the rebounders unless a doctor has given the OK, while plenty of other sites encourage rebounding for seniors as a safe, low-impact exercise. So, which is it? 

It's Not Your Age but the Conditions You Have

The real issue with older people using a rebounder has to do with health conditions, and not age. Age only enters the picture because older people tend to have more health issues, although there are many incredibly fit and healthy older people out there. If you have trouble balancing, if you get lightheaded easily, if you have foot or leg problems, and if you have bladder issues, you really will need to speak to your doctor before you use a rebounder.

For people who have no known health problems, rebounding is like any other exercise. It's recommended that you speak to your doctor first if you haven't exercised in a while.

These Are Not Like the Trampolines You Used as a Kid

One thing to keep in mind is that rebounders are not like the trampolines you used as a kid. Those were large trampolines meant for leaping around and letting out energy. Rebounders are smaller and meant more for small jumps in one place. You'll have to get used to the more gentle jumping used on most rebounders. You'll see some exercise videos where expert models are jumping rather high or fast, but for your needs, more gentle exercises are perfect.

A Stability Bar Is a Great Addition for Everyone

You may want to invest in a model of rebounder with a stability bar, even if you're in shape and have no conditions that would make using a rebounder dangerous. These bars are helpful when you're getting used to the rebounder and when you feel like you've gone off-balance.

Rebounders can be marvelous exercise equipment. If you have health concerns, ask your doctor before you start using them. You'll find them to be a lot of fun and very low-impact, something that your feet and knees will appreciate.

Contact a local rebounder company, such as Cellular Health Innovations LLC., for more information.