Keys To Finding The Right Fitness Day Camp

If you're looking to shed pounds in an effective way, you might want to consider joining a fitness day camp. It's an extended program dedicated to helping participants lose weight and live healthier lives overall. You can find the perfect camp for you by taking these actions. Review Instructor Credentials There are going to be fitness instructors managing each fitness session at one of these day camps. You want to make sure they're qualified for these positions so that you receive sound advice and get the motivation you need to keep pushing. [Read More]

What Is The Deal With Rebounders And Older People?

If you are older and are looking for a good low-impact exercise, a rebounder will likely be in your mind at least once. These mini-trampolines are compact enough to fit in an apartment and springy enough to cushion feet and legs that really don't like jogging. But if you look at rebounding sites, you'll notice that a few of them warn against older people using the rebounders unless a doctor has given the OK, while plenty of other sites encourage rebounding for seniors as a safe, low-impact exercise. [Read More]

Childcare Centers Can Promote Healthy Movement In Children

Staying active is a significant health component for every person—including infants and toddlers. For children that may stay home and spend limited time with other children, opportunities to remain active may be restricted. However, the options are plentiful for a child who attends daycare or another childcare program. Learn how a childcare program can help promote better health by keeping your little one on the move. Peer Pressure Peer pressure does not always have to be a bad thing. [Read More]